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Royalty Products of Saraland Alabama is the area leader in Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants

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Royal Purple Synthetic Oil delivers Industrial Grade Product to keep your machinery moving
Royalty Products
Has the Lubrication Products for your Maritime Vessels!

We Provide Top Quality Automotive and Industrial Lubricants!

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For Every Machine

There is a Royal Purple Product for You. From everyday cars to Industrial Equipment, Royal Purple Synthetic has a Product you need to keep your motors running, no matter the conditions or workload.

Proprietary Additive Technology

Royalty Products’ Proprietary Additive Technology enables it to outperform the leading Competition. Additives like Synerlec©, Synslide©, Purolec© and Dynoglide© sets it apart from the pack

Keeping Industry Going

Industries and Businesses of all sizes trust RP in all of their equipment. From automotive to the assembly line Royal Purple Synthetic is meeting and exceeding the standards

Royal Purple: The Performance Oil That Outperforms

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An Environmental Lubricant


Here at Royalty Products, Inc. we sell top quality Royal Purple Industrial and Commercial Synthetic Lubricants. Royal Purple formulates its lubricant products to maximize performance in real world applications. Royal Purple’s advanced additive technologies, such as Synerlec, enable its products to outperform leading synthetic and conventional lubricants. These unique chemistry strengthen the base oil for improved performance. They also create an ionic bond that adheres to metal parts for continuous protection.

Your car, truck or SUV as well as your outdoor power equipment, will function only as well as the oil you put in it. Royal Purple scientifically engineers high performance synthetic oils that outwork the competition in the laboratory, on the road and in the yard. Royal Purple makes the best lubricants possible, with the best industry-available raw materials and proprietary additive technology.


Royal Purple manufactures high performance lubricants for most automotive, industrial, marine, motorcycle and racing applications. It is considered the best synthetic motor oil by many end users.

Royal Purple synthetic oil and synthetic lubricants are formulated to maximize performance in real-world applications.

Numerous independent parties report performance gains by using Royal Purple lubricants.

Additive technologies, such as Synerlec®, enable Royal Purple synthetic products to outperform leading synthetic and conventional lubricants. These unique chemistries strengthen the base oil for improved performance.

Royal Purple has been awarded an EU Ecolabel Certificate. Click Here to View

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