HPM-High Performance Marine Gear lube

hpm-high-performance-marine-gear-lubeRoyal Purple HPM-High Performance Marine Gear Lube is formulated to maximize performance and provide Synthetic Defense™ for marine lower gear units. Engineered for exceptionally high film strength, its cushioning molecules absorb gear impact to dramatically minimize wear. This fully synthetic gear lube also significantly reduces friction, which lowers gear unit temperatures, extends equipment life and improves fuel efficiency.

HPM Gear Lube uses Royal Purple’s advanced, proprietary Synerlec® additive technology for maximum water separation and protection from the corrosion common to marine applications. Withstanding pressure and heat, HPM Gear Lube remains on metal surfaces long after ordinary lubricants would have been squeezed off. This high performance synthetic gear lube is recommended for equipment requiring an API Service GL-5 or GL-4 fluid.

HPM-High Performance Marine Gear lube Advantages:

● Exceptionally high film strength
● Dramatically reduces heat and gear wear
● Extends life of lower units
● Improves fuel efficiency
● Maximum water separation
● Superior corrosion protection